Multiple instances samba settings keeps reverting

Long time no speak. Hope all is well.

I’ve been asked to upgrade tills at local soft play. I built them originally like 7 years ago so they’re getting on a bit.

I’ve purchased 3 mini PCs from GEEKOM and five new touch screens. The plan to have one pc run two instances of POS software to use as POS. and one to run two instances to use as two displays, one for food and one for drink to pop up on entity screen.

I pretty much have it all running fine, my only issue is, when I reboot the POS systems, the sambasettings.txt file reverts from AllowMultipleClients from true to false so two instances won’t load when the POS reboots

If anyone has any idea why that would be great.

I will say tho, I am on 5.3.4 and will be upgrading to the latest version as soon as I have this setup.

Other option is to upgrade here now and see what happens, but I’d rather upgrade all at the same time.

Any help would be ace.



When SambaPOS exists, it saves the settings. So if one instance loads with AllowMultipleClients==true, then that will overwrite if you’ve changed it in another instance. When both instances are running, be sure to enable multiple clients for both, then save.

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Brill, It managed to just start working, this seems obvious.