Multiple Kitchen Displays with Option of Viewing Recipie..... Is it Possible?

I am a newbie just learning the ropes of this Great POS. I want to start a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant - Like a Pizza or a Burger joint) for Indian Street Food and Snacks.
I want to divide my kitchen into 3 blocks, One dispensing ready to eat items, Two, preparing dishes that require cooking and Three, making Juices, Shakes and Mocktails.
This is what i want to achieve. Can I have three Android tablets for the Three regions of my kitchen and Separate out orders so that Only the specific tablet in the kitchen receives that order. Secondly, can i have a recipe in a text file or a video link (Either downloaded onto the Tablet, The POS Server or from the Web) to show up when required for the chef.
Thanks in advance

You are looking to use the tablets as kitchen screens?
I would say yes it is possible but maybe a tall order for a newbie, would recommend you familierise yourself with everything first else you’ll end up getting frustrated.
There are a few good tutorials for kitchen displays, maybe start just making a straight forward one for all orders and when you have that working they try to split them down rather than dive right in to 3 way split straight off.
As for the video, ive not seen a post about similar (not to say there isn’t one but imagine it should be possible anyway).
Not tried anything like that before but would expect you could use the start process action to launch the video, use a product tag for video directory and use the start process action using the expression for the product tag.
You would have to have a button (automation command) displayed on the order level (so it shows when order is selected) and the rule would fire the start process action using the product tag expression for directory.
I have not done any of the above myself but believe my comments to be sound.

Thank you for the very prompt reply. I will go through basic setup and installation tutorials before trying out your suggestions. Thanks again JTRTech

Just to clarify Ive not done myself…
But defiantly start with something simpler if its still early days using Samba :smile:

Hi Sunil,

Yes it is possible, and not to difficult even for a newbie.
Study on the kitchen Display setup.
Instead having Kitchen, Waiter, Bar Display you can split up in 3 blocks and/or 3 System with Monitors (or RDP cliens in this case your Android Tablets) or printers.
You can assign the product were to go

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