Multiple Kitchens having a separate warehouse each with same inventory items

We have three kitchens for Chinese Food, Pakistani and Fast Food. Each kitchen has its own separate warehouse. Many inventory items are used in all these kitchens like tomatoes etc. So those items are present in all these three kitchens warehouses.
We have made three departments named Dine In, Take Away and Home Delivery.
Now we want that if a chinese or pakistani dish is sold, the inventory items should be decreased from the relative kitchen warehouse.
When I create an inventory item lets say tomatoes, I want to leave the warehouse option empty as it is going to be present in all three warehouses.
Also when I define a department say TAKE AWAY, What should I enter in warehouse feild, as it may sell items from all three kitchens.

I’ve created a tutorial for you.

There are slight differences in V5 but it should work for V4 too.

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Thanks a lot emre.
I wasn’t expecting such a quick help. You are really amazing…
Thanks again…