Multiple Menu different price for same item

Hi, I have two Department 1st is Restaurant and 2nd is Take Away but my items are same that I am selling there with different prices so that I had made 2 menu for both departments but I don’t know how to set different prices for both menu. Please suggest any solution

You could set 2 different Portions.

i did not understand

I would suggest you to use price definitions. IMO it’s easier when you have price changes because everything is in the same row.
Items with same price you simply do not insert a price in the second definition.

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Price Definitions looks to be the better solution👍

Forget about the last picture. here is the correct one:

@Stanko Thanks for your kind help. your suggestion is a kind hope for me. I done all steps as you show me in your pix but unfortunately there is nothing to change. please check did you forget any step. I am waiting for your helpful reply

Does the “update event price” rule fire, did you check the rule debugger?

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I dont know what is rule debugging but i done all steps that you told me and i had shared all screen shots. Please check

Put on the Update event price rule

{:CURRENTMENU} Equals Menu

And click the mappings and chose your second terminal(the one you want the price to be like Event pricelist) instead of star.

Take care that under terminal you have chosen the correct on both terminals

No need to have any action or rule, as long as you specify the “Price Tag” on the Department then it will automatically apply the price

So in your case, the last 2 screenshots @Stanko shared are not necessary as you mentioned you will use with departments. The only time you need to use Update Order action is if you wanted to use Price Definitions without departments


Its done thanks. Sir