Multiple Order Tags on Android version

When we try to add multiple of an order tag (as we do in the windows version) they system does not accept it. it’s 1 of an order tag MAX even thou it says more can be entered.


Coffee (Latte)
Customer wants double shot of caramel.

In the Windows version we enter


When I try this in the Android version I can’t press Caramel twice … it accepts the first caramel then when caramel is pressed again to get the 2nd shot it removes caramel from the order…

therefore we are unable to process the orders on Android unless its a very basic order and there are very few of those.

Works fine for me, just using the demo in the app…

(Cheese Burger Menu - 3x French Fries, 2x Spicy Sauce)

I was going to say that you possibly have not set up the Order Tags correctly in SambaPOS, but you say it is working for multiple quantity in Windows?

For multiple quantities to be selectable, you need to do both of the following:


Max Selected Items to be 0 (i.e. unlimited) or a number greater than 1

Order Tags have Max Quantity of 0 (i.e. unlimited) or greater than 1. Note it defaults to 1 when you add a new Order Tag, even to the same Order Tag Group.

Please make sure you are using the latest Android app v2.0.54. Also if you have recently changed your Order Tags or Menu in SambaPOS, please press Update on the Android app login screen to update the app with your changes.

(I have changed your topic to a V5 Question as it is not an issue.)

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