Multiple Promotion/Adjust Order Price Actions

@Jesse any ideas on this?
Can you clear/refresh adjust order price tags?
We have Fish & Chips and Scampi, usually £14.95.
On Fridays we have a ‘Fishy Friday’ promo where these are £11.95 each or 2 for £19.95.

So I have started by creating two promo actions.

1 for £11.95 and 2 for £19.95

However the adjustments seem to overwrite each other and while total is correct tags and order ‘totals’ get weird.
Am guessing the 1 for 11.95 is triggering a + tag to make 11.95 then the 2 for 19.95 discounting back down.






You can. In fact I do in my combo setup. It’s set so if I cancel an item from a combo it clears and resets the other items as if no promo.

Tried using untag orders but struggled, what did you do to clear the tags?

Also, not sure if its just me but my order tag price where negative doesnt seem to show a value. Price is not set to include in order price…

Though maybe because the tag name/description wasnt defined in the order tag group but same after defining in Promotion tag group.

Thought I might try setting the promotion order tag group to max 1 to force it to only apply one discount or the other but causes same increasing/decreasing effect as guess its applying one then the other based on that amended price.

:slight_smile: ahaa, Price Selector did the job, eventually found reference to what it accepts.
Using {PRICE} forces it to calculate from order price.
In fact if I set the x1 price adjust to {PRICE} and x2 price adjust to {TOTAL AMOUNT} I get the result I was after if order tag group set to unlimited.


However think I prefer the limited to 1 tag result with both set to use {PRICE}

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Ive been playing around with the X for y Action but honestly it’s a little confusing on how it works.

On a side note, shouldn’t the tutorial kendash created cover what you are trying to achieve JTr?

What do you mean? What part confuses you?

The X for Y values. I’ve been looking at the Beta topics and the tutorial you made, and I’ve done the setup manually and it works, but trying to understand what the X For Y actually does when Value of X=3 and Y=1 .

Would this mean that if there are 3 of a product/s it will combine the cost to the value of Y?

How would X=4 for Y=5 work as an example.

I could possibly create a new topic separate rather than invade this topic though. So dont worry, back to JTR’s question :slight_smile:

Shivan it depends on how you set it up. It could mean 5 product x for Y price… it can then distribute the discount across all items or not.

Hmmm, have to research this some more. We have a few clients who’ve always wanted to setup daily/weekly specials but this was difficult before without the need to create the item individually and apply order tags.

X for Y$
x number of items for y price

X for Y Items
X items for price of Y items I think, sorting would come in here for which ones are free or order selector as in the 2 coffes 1 tea free example elsewhere

X for Y%
% discount based on selection

$ and % can also be applied to specific item or group items also using order selector expression.