Multiple terminal setup with sql

Hello everybody, i have set up sambapos accordin to all the information from the forum an works perfectly. I have a windows 2012 server and 4 terminals with windows 7. To finish i have two questions i could not find a clear answer and was hoping for help.

  1. My fifth terminal has windows 10 installed. Are there some aspects i need to consider which are different than windows 7?

  2. I need to change entities, menu etc for all terminals. What is the best way to do it? Should i change all terminals one by one? Can i change one and copy the settings to the others? Do i make the changes on the server and the terminals “read” the changes from there? I really have trouble finding out.

I hope someone can help me. Thanks

Jimmy you are in luck - there should be no issues with windows 10 and I am currently using that platform for both Terminal and Server.

You only need to make a change on 1 terminal to menus and these changes should automatically propagate to all terminals because you only have 1 server DBO. If this is not happening you need to immediately rectify.

Hope that helps.

Hello Pauln,

Thank you very much for your quick reply and answer. I am relieved that windows 10 is the same.

I will change the settings to 1 terminal thus evening and see if the orthers pick up the changes. Just to make sure, what do you mean by immediatly rectify? Undo all changes by hand or reinstall a fresh pos again?

Oh just in case you might of installed a local dbo on each machine you would need to remove the unused databases and ensure each terminal points to the SQL instance on your selected Server Machine.

Just did not want you doing a lot of extra work for no reason :smile:

Thanks Pauln,

Works like a charm.

Possibly my las question :slight_smile: , one of the terminals is for the bar and would like to see another menu screen (only drinks) then the other terminals who need to see the complete menu.

Is it possible to set this up, since the terminals now take over eachothers settings?


You can have multiple menus…

You can also map menu screens to different terminals too. So a bar till will only show a bar menu and a café till will only show a café menu.

Your setup sounds almost the same as mine.


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Ok thanks for the insights. I wil setup everything this weekend so monday it should be up for some testing.

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Thank you all, everything is set up and works great. Today i want to add another feature for tips. I checked the forum and saw the possible ways to set it up but that is not workable for my situation as the calculate either percentage, fixed amount or you add the amount.

In my situation customers usually just round up the amount, e.g. the total amount is 63,48. People than just say round it up to 70,00. In this case i have to calculate the difference and report as tip and not as change.

Is it possible that like in the example above, i settle and have a tip button and write the amount 70. After that i fill in with which amount is paid in order to calculate the change. So if itbis paid with 100 the change shown is 30 and tip 6,52.

Maybe i am thinking to complex and there is a much easier way to handle this.

Many thanks in advance

You can use a round calculation to round it up and you can setup accounting for that. I am not at a computer to demonstrate but the process would be same as tip calculation but use rounding instead of fixed.

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Kendash, thank you very much for your quick reply. I will try to fix it.

In case i cannot succeed i will report back, i hope someone could show me the steps.

Create a new account for Tips.

… and an account transaction type.

That calculation type will round ticket total to $1 and put it to tip account.

This calculation selector will apply calculation automatically.

Roundings will appear as Tip

Gets reported here.

… and here.

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Hello Emre, thank you very much for the clear explanation, this helps a lot.

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