Multiple tickets per table


Must need new glasses as I can’t seem to figure out how to do this, but i’m sure it’s in SambaPOS by default!

Customer A comes in and sits on Table 1, orders food but wants to wait for customer B to arrive before service.
Customer B arrives and orders her food on the same Table.
Therefore 2 tickets would have printed overall, one for customer A and one for customer B both on table 1.

At the moment i’m getting around this by:

  1. Adding customer A to table 1
  2. then when customer B arrives, i put him on table 2, then click merge tables to table 1, which then produces 2 tickets for table 1.

I’m sure there must be a more straightforward way…Add Ticket does create a new ticket, but it does not retain the table number for some reason.

(I understand there are other ways, such as the advanced split payments @Jesse , but I wanted to try both ways and see what works for my situation).

Thanks as usual

If you start with a new ticket adding an order before selecting table 1.
If you already have a ticket before selecting table one it will keep the tickets separate.
If you select the table first it will open either the single ticket or if you already have multiple obviously the ticket list.
Start customer B’s ticket before selecting table 1 and it will go on as second ticket straight away.

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As you can see above by default it does retain table number.

That’s what I thought, attached a gif below of what is happening. Won’t automatically retain the table, have to manually select table 2 in this case.
Looked at rules, but couldn’t find any for “Add Ticket”.
I assume something else in my setup is conflicting it?

Will post actions/rules to follow.

So it is setting table entity just not displaying it untill after you go back in?

Doesn’t select an entity at all. I have to click add ticket, then click select table.

Have you got any extra extra ticket created or entity selected/changed rule beyond default?

Restored default database and as you all said it works. So I assume i’ve definitely changed a rule somewhere, but don’t know which!
Same is also happening with “Move Ticket”, it creates a new ticket, but not under any table whatsoever. Have to then manually click “select table”.

I checked every rule one by one in comparison (one using the default database, and the other via teamviewer on my system). Couldn’t see any obvious differences to default rules or any rules missing.

Screenshots attached of ticket created and entity selected/updated. Regards.
2nd screenshot has error…highlighted ticket closing rule…in fact it is showing ticket created.

Move ticket makes sence as you moving to different entity…
Can’t see anything obvious from your screenshots.

Show your department settings

3 departments

  1. eat in with tables
  2. takeaway (with ticket tags to mark delivery, collection etc.)
  3. Orders department which has a ticket lister mapped to it to view open tickets.

Have also implemented this:

Hmm still can’t seem to find it. Not quite sure how “add ticket” works and where the rules are for it.
Will have to try and rebuild the setup again and see step by step when the add ticket stops working.

Thanks QM. Those all look identical.

Might start restoring database backups in reverse order to see when the Add Ticket button stopped auto-selecting the table entity.

Take a look at the Rule Debugger.

I suspect there is something not firing that should be, or you have something in your Automation that is removing the Entity.

These Events fire by default when you click “Add Ticket” …

Here the event expanded so you can see the Actions …

Ensure it set to copy entity to new tickets.

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