Multistore Cash Registers, Warehouses and Stock Transfers

Hello to all,

I am new at SambaPos and have a few questions:

  1. What is Departments used for?
  2. Wharehouses?
  3. Can I use SambaPos to track what we buy, produce, sell and/or transfer to other store locations?
  4. How do I setup 3 different Cash Registers for each location?

Description of our process:
We have a Location were we produce (make) our products for the bakery/cafe, then we have two actual stores were we sell them. I intent to have the database on a server and the other locations will access via Internet (I know that is not very reliable, but that’s my only option for now).

I am not sure how to setup the warehouses and cash registers to track transactions of each store or transfers between stores, any help will be gratly appreciated.


Sambapos is not designed for multi location setup. Using Internet to connect to the database will almost guarantee you will lose data and it will run very slow at times.

You can use custom reports and have them emailed to you automatically for each location though.

Ok, is it then possible to have more than one cash register under same work period?

Yes is they are hooked to same database.

I knew I read it before somewere, this is what the SambaPos website states:

“If you have restaurants in multiple locations, you can manage them easily. By SambaPOS central management system you can update the prices of products, can create campaigns. You can analyze your inventory and can get the real results for procurement. By advanced reporting tools you can compare the branches”.

That is not currently supported. It is being worked on but branch support is not yet live.