Mutation - addProduct () and add a String into TAG-Table


i can add a product with following mutation cmd.

gql.Exec('mutation m{addProduct(name:"Gutscheinkarte",groupCode:"Sonstiges",portions:[{name:"Normal",price:0}]){id}}');


gql.Exec('mutation m{addProduct(name:"Gutscheinkarte",groupCode:"Sonstiges",portions:[{name:"Normal",price:0}], tags:[{name:"Tag",value:"Sonstiges"}],){id}}');

and here is result.

But i want add a String (Sonstiges) in TAG-Row too .
Can I do it with mutation addproduckt ? or will be better an SQL Update cmd after mutation addproduct?

E. Kaplan

You said that you cant add tag while adding an item via GQL. Is that correct?

Yes i can add a Produkt with custom tags but i want add an String into TAG too. Is it possible with gql addproduct() ?

I must check this first of all

Is there a specific reason for this.
Im pretty sure custom tags ‘replaced’ tags and only remained for legacy.
I have never used tag as all my data is organised into custom tags