My client server connected to the server database but not sencronized

Hi team,

please your support is urgently required

i plan to add a kitchen screen and connect to my server database.

the client and server pcs connected well and i can see sambapos on both of them.
but when im try to place order from the client pc or the from the server it does not shows on the other pc directly (i need to refresh the page to see it).

to make it clear if i use the server pc to run the kitchen display department and use the client pcs to place new order. the new ticket sent to the kitchen display can not seen on the kitchen display until i change the department or do any manual click.

please help

@emre please your support

setup message server

thanks Emre for your reply

I do all mentioned points.

but still

but still what? lol… Doesn’t message server working? Screen not refreshing? Please ensure message server working properly, it installed only on server computer and you can see Connected label on all terminals. Message server does such remote refreshes.

:sweat_smile: still not working

the messaging is working only on the main serverand shows connected on the server sambapos only.

for the client pc, it connected to the database but not showing any green conncted label.

and yes the issue here is remote refreshes

So you can follow the tutorial and connect terminals to message server. It described in detail under Configuring SambaPOS section. Be sure your firewalls configured to allow that connection.

the firewalls was stopped.


what is the correct name for the messaging server name on the client pc??

This is the name of server that runs message server. For example nk-server. Or you can try typing server ip number.

It’s solved but with strange action!!
I run the messaging server on the client also using the same name on the server PC

I think your misunderstanding the term message server.
Message server is a ‘separate’ service which you run on one of the machines - usually the server. They in each samba install you add the pc name of the computer running the message server.
If you are running the message server service on a 'client machine which has the message server address of the server its not actually looking at the message server on that machine.
It is like having SQL on both machines but if samba is looking at the server SQL database the SQL on the client machine is not doing anything as nothing is connecting to it.
Either way its working now :slight_smile:

(PS have changed to question rather than issue as was configuration error rather than a bug.)

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Thanks for clarification. Actually what you mentioned is what I understood from the tutorial. This why I said staring action.

How ever thanks a lot

The reason you use same name as server is because it hosts the Messaging server and your client connects to that pc message server.

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