My database type is wrong?

Hi Everyone,

I have an install of SambaPOS 4 running and I cannot seem to figure out my database.

In the taskbar is shows SQ which should be multi-user SQL but my computer has no SQL Server installation in start, etc. I download the Microsoft SQL Server tools and it does not show SQL installed.

It can’t be CE because there is no .sdf file in Documents\SambaPOS4

So how do I figure out what database my system is using and where it is?

It is localDB SQL Express. So,It is SQL Express but for local Database.
If you want to use multi terminal, you still need to install SQL Express Server Edtion

Thank you but how do I go about exporting the DB? It’s not an SDF file… and also I do not see any other way to export it.

Please use search button (magnifier icon) on the top right. That is very useful.

Here I did that for you.

You can upgrade localdb to full SQL express easily by running the SQL express installer and upgrading it.

Thanks to you both. I bought the database backup module just in case support this great project and I will try the upgrade.

Also I am going to buy the v5 pro license.

Thanks guys , samba rocks!

Just so you know the v5 license includes the Database Backup module in fact it includes all previously paid modules.

Yes I noticed that but I had already paid the database! The v5 option is interesting, since I love SambaPOS no issues paying some money to help its dev. Thanks again.

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