My Google Map Screen not working

Hi guys
My Google Map Screen not working I dont know why???
Can you help me please???

What part is not working?

hi @kendash the map does not appear. I dont know what did I do wrong.

You did not forget to name the HTML viewer widget did you? I do not see that in your screenshots. It should be named Google Map Widget


exit design mode then leave screen completely and come back to it. Click on the customer address… still doesnt show?

Double double check your custom field naming. At first glance I can see you’ve references for both {ENTITY DATA:Customer Address} and {ENTITY DATA:Address}

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@emre @Jesse It still not working

hmm so its not showing or doing anything at all?

PM me a zip file of your backup.

@Jesse yes still not show anything
@emre Just PM you

Thank you everyone

You forgot to create mapping for Update Map Widget Address rule. Please note if a rule displays in gray color that means it is disabled and not working.

Also your previous configuration for command parameter with {ENTITY DATA:Customer:Address} was correct. As screenshot was too small I’ve couldn’t see Customer part was the reference for entity type. Please also add Customer part back.

Thank you very much :blush: