My POS layout screen (744.5 KB)

I tought in sharing POS acrewn and images. It took mw 3 years and 4 pos systems to achieve this perfect for me screen. I used abacre, sioges, syspdv, and now the best one SAMBAPOS.


Very nice. I am still not close to implementing mine yet I guess I am a perfectionist but it is getting there. I like your layout very nice uniform icon designs etc.

Ver nice @gerlandog!

Would you, or could you bundle your icon set into a ZIP for sharing? Maybe we can have a section here in the Forum for that, so long as there are no copyright infringements, and others could share as well…

Hello @gerlandog

Amazing job. Please share to us. It will be really helpful

I will post the images file as son as I ait in front of my computer. I am with a @#$$!(*&^ Phone and cannot rename the file from rar to zip in order to upload it.


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Thank you so much @gerlandog

We are looking forward to see that.

file added…

hope this helps, and if anyone has more graphics, would be interesting to add them here.




Sweet thanks. I plan to use images etc for mine and when I am done I will share it… Mine is configured for a quick service restaurant.

@gerlandog Can help me with the setup similar to what you have there… ?

you should try the search option… There are several databases configurations here in the forum…

this is mine: My Database Configuration

and this is the subforum:

Hope this helps!!!


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Thanks it has been helpful so far @gerlandog. However am trying to change my main menu category from spanish to English and I cant seem to find the location where I do that. Can I whatsapp you my setup so tht u see if you can help. +254720816546

Product naming:

Manage > Products > Product List

Menu Item naming:

Manage > Products > Menu List  > Menu > Edit Product Properties > Header

I was already to change menu category… My question should hv been how to change my product category or header . Change things like LojaConveniencia, porcoes, Bebidas etc which also appear under group code options.

In the Product List, you will need to change them 1 at a time, for every Product:

Manage > Products > Product List

Or use simple SQL UPDATE statements to do it faster:

UPDATE [MenuItems] SET
[GroupCode]='My Bakery' -- new category
WHERE [GroupCode]='Bakery Homemade' -- old category

Menu Categories as you can see above changed…but when I go to Product list Categories it has not changed. How do I do it… and believe me i’ve tried…

Am not yet familiar with how to use sql simple update to change things.

Your second screenshot is showing the Group Codes. The answer to your question has already been provided.

Those Groups or Categories will disappear once every product has been edited to use a new Group Code. This will be a tedious process, but it will work.

To avoid the tedious process, use SQL.

UPDATE [MenuItems] SET
[GroupCode]='Drinks' -- new category
WHERE [GroupCode]='Bebidas' -- old category

@QMcKay I created new categories but still when I add a product and select group code, the new category is not listed.
Can you run me through how to edit my .sdf file with sql. I will massively appreciate.
Google isnt giving me any thing simple.

Try again. Pick the Category that has the least number of Products.

Double-click each Product within that Category, type in a new Group Code for the Product, and save the Product.

Once you have edited every Product within that Category to contain a new Group Code, Log out and back in and look at your Product List again. If you edited every Product in the category so that it has a different or new Group Code, then the old category will be gone, and magically your new category will appear instead.

Your .sdf means that you are using SQL Compact Edition (CE). You need to install some type of Query Tool in order to edit the DB using SQL. Try this one for example:

SQL Compact Query Analyzer from

Thank you. The Analyzer worked perfectly for me. Thanks once again @QMcKay

Hi gearlandog

I have read your post and saw that your configuration was in Spanish I wonder if you can help me configurating sambapost im having some problems trying to configure my samba
now every time I enter to a table only appears
change table
select coustemer
ticket note

settle close
thats it i dont know how to fix it hope you can help me