My problem is that I can't sell when I have items in inventory

I have added item to inventory as seen in the screenshot above “VL 33 EXPORT” But I can’t sell because I have added this codes from kb which is working.

following this forum post I have created warehouse for each department.

See screenshot below.

My problem is that I can’t sell when I have items in inventory

@emre Please come, I beg you.

Emre passed away last year so he wont be able to respond. I am not quite sure what is happening, but it looks like you missed a step… as you can see it shows no InStock for those purchases.

Ah… I didn’t know he passed away. I followed is tutorial

Do you have the recipes created for the items?

Yes… . I did batch create.

Are you in the same work period?

What do you mean?

I have only one work period for all. I didn’t create new ones

Did you purchase the inventory during that Work Period?

It could be that you made a mistake configuring it too. Its hard to know without seeing it.

Is the name of your Inventory item the same as in Alert column? Also do you have a rule for every single department?

Yes. The name is the same. I edit it from product tag editor. I just copied and pasted to make sure the names are the same.

I don’t have a rule for every single department.

Sorry, my mistake, I meant rule for every single warehouse.