myPOS Payments Intergration

Has anyone used myPOS ( payment company?
They have a great reviews.

The main the reason for this post is has anyone integrated this with the card payments on SambaPOS 5?

Just found this ->
But would’nt know where to start.

Anyone fancy helping me out for a beer or two?

Hi Richard,

This may be an integration SambaPOS look at soon, but right now for the UK the only official integration we have is with Paymentsense. Doing a payment integration isn’t something you could do yourself, well not simply anyway.

Paymentsense will definitely give you better rates than myPOS. Send me a PM if you want to get a quote for rates with Paymentsense.

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Hi Mark
The card merchant choice is not mine.
I have recommend Paymentsense but the end client dose not like that the company do not list prices on there website at all.

They told me — “Every time we contact any company for a quote they wont leave us alone until they have sold us something, Where myPOS list the card machine for a one off payment £199 +vat +p&p and 0.99% per transaction, no other costs.”

I will update this when the end client has the machine in hand and have taken payments.

That’s pretty common. It’s because it’s usually prices for that particular customers needs. They will get a much better deal. The companies that list their prices like that do it because it’s so stupid high that they don’t care.

The website shows 1.75% transaction fee.

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Yes, Paymentsense is typically lower than those costs, but they offer based on your business so they need to know if you take cards currently or are new to cards, and based on your business, what you sell, etc., they give a quote.

I totally get this, I know this happens myself. If any SambaPOS reseller (like us) passes your details to Paymentsense, you will not get more than one follow up from them, because they respect the lead was passed to them and not through a direct sales channel. I can vouch for that myself from experience from our own customers.

I have seen typical businesses, even new starts, getting 0.9% credit and even 0.6% for debit across all card types (inc. commercial) with Paymentsense, and you get half price card machine rental via a SambaPOS reseller, usually card machine rental is £15+VAT per month (full price) for a counter top terminal. Note Paymentsense also offer next day replacement on the card machine with any issues, you usually won’t get that if you purchase the card machine outright. And they also offer 24/7 support. Contract is usually 12 months I believe, unless they are switching from another provider then you can get free card machine rental and 30 day contract if you have £500K+ annual card turnover.

Be aware of the 0.99% transaction fee I see is quoted as a “promotional rate” on the website, the normal rate is 1.75%. It says in the terms they can change the rate anytime, I would take a guess the rate of 0.99% would not be permanent and also note myPOS charge differently based on the card type - commercial cards 2%, etc. Most importantly, if the card is even consumer and not registered in the EEA (i.e. tourists from outside Europe), you get charged 2.85%. Paymentsense would not charge you a different rate for that.

Can I ask are you a SambaPOS reseller?

If you are offering SambaPOS to clients, you should become a reseller if you are not already one. There are many benefits to being a reseller.

I am not a reseller, This will be my first time at setting up a POS system for any client from scratch.
I have fixed a SambaPOS system for a good friend running a bar a few times, and even built him extra POS terminals, ect.
One of his members of staff left his bar and is looking at working for another bar that is currently being renovated, they got me in the door on the understanding I could put the same system in so no learning curve is needed.
It is very early days for myself on SambaPOS and I have only got a working system from alot of time and also using a template.

I need too the integration myPOS with SambaPOS. Is there any news on this subject? Please do not offer “Paymentsense”.

I was waiting for a Integration to be released. But my client runs a bar and because of the current pandemic the bar has been closed more then open so not very high on the todo list. If you do find a integration option it would be great to have in place for when the bar can reopen.