Name Issue in Edit Product Properties in Menu

Version: 5.2.18

It doesn’t seem possible to enter your preferred product name in Edit Product Details. Some products are represented by pictures only with no product name but after installing the above version it no longer allows to change the product name or leaving it blank has no effect.

This screenshot below shows that the product name to display is = NULL

However as the below screenshot shows, it is displaying the actual product name instead of showing no name:

I’ve changed to question as this isn’t an issue. To have no name displayed you need to change “image and text” to just “image only”

The button header is controlled by the header column and defaults to your product name if the header is blank, which is why COCA COLA still shows as it is using the product column to generate that, not the cell that you highlighted in red

The name column is I think is so you can shorten the product name if needed and it is read from a printer tag I think thats correct { PRODUCT NAME } and { NAME } will give different results

This changed a few releases ago I can’t remember the exact reason but there were some request about those two columns that resulted in a change

If I remember correctly it now allows the automatic refresh of button labels with updated product name if no header is set.
Name I think was actually what the product was displayed as in the menu settings etc so that you could label it diferently for admin purposes where portions/tags etc were preconfigured and an actual product used multiple times within the menu.

Set it to show image only instead of image and text. It’s an option just to right of that.

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The previous version I was using did not have the Appearance tab and I did not realise this was changed. Thank you guys.

It’s been there for a long time now. You must have been on a really old version.

Yes I was using 5.1.62