Navigate to Entity

@emre I have a cashup screen and command button (POS) when I click go to Order taking(Deaprtment) Navigate to Entity screen , am missing Select Customer, Select Account when fired and after clicking other department and come back its showing again .

Looks like its not really switching departments first. Looks like its loading pos for other department.

How are you going to pos? Are you pressing dept button or did you make an automation command button in cashup screen?

Are you using two ticket types? It could also be loading default ticket type.

Thank you , I have only one ticket type and using AC button in cash up screen,

Does it help if I implement “setting department name as Navigate Module Parameter” on next update?

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Yes may be help some wanted to navigate particular department any way . Because if I choose dine in we need to select table entity then it will go to order screen so it is refreshed inside, in takeaway( ticket create mode) its not loading so that might help as this need a refresh in between.