Navigation Screen customization


You only need to set a navigation module value of the button is to open say POS or Inventory.
Print is just command name rule.


help me
i want change style font i try it not work


Your tag is wrong its just < font calibri > or < font arial > etc theres no equals sign


@RickH I try tempate for you < font phetsarath_ot > it not work


That might not be a valid font to use im not sure, try using calibri or arial and see if that changes the font first


Thank you @RickH tempate from you it work Thank you so muct


help me
I want design Main Menu from


how can i do?


Right-click on the screen and select Enable Customization. Then select Tiles to resize them or move them. Then Right-click on the screen and select Save Changes.

This is already explained in this very Topic within the first post. Read it…


Thank you @QMcKay Thank you so muct


I’m trying to set my screen up like the ones in the pictures, nice and organized. But no matter what I try, it moves the tiles where it chooses and it won’t let me place them as I want. What am i missing


Enable edit/design mode arrange and select sizes then don’t forget to save.


I’ve done that but it wont let me do 2 neat rows. it jumbles the tiles together and it won’t let me place them as I want. This is the closest I have gotten.


Then as I try and change it, I end up with this.


It’s definitely possible, it will arrange them in columns rather than rows, then if you drad right to the right you can make separate columns with a gap.


You just need to keep trying until you get the hang of it. There is nothing you are missing - it’s just trial/error. It can be frustrating, but you’ll get there.

JTR is correct, they are arranged by columns rather than rows.