Need a copy of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Version 14.00

Hi, anyone has link or copy of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Version 14.00. I had SambaPOS V5 installed with 2014 Express version 14.00 (don’t remember where I downloaded it). Now I tried new install and the version that came with SambaPOS V5 installation is version 12.00 which I can do database restore as version is not compatible. Thank you!

v14 is is the 2017 edition, not the 2014 edition. The version number does not match the year, they don’t release a new version every year - so when you said you installed with v12, it is correct that it is the 2014 edition.

So because the database used SQL Server 2017, you can use that or anything above. So I would recommend you use SQL Server 2019 Express which is the latest version available.

You can download from Microsoft here:

ah, thank you so much for the clarification on the versions.