Need active & working USB Caller ID for Windows 10 64 Bit

Does anyone know where can I buy active & working USB Caller ID for Windows 10 64 Bit and give link / address?

I tried which one mentioned on and got 2 devices from them. But I have failed to make them working through putty. I believe there has issue with driver that they have provided. None of them is finding the modem. They are just showing on windows device manager different driver name. This is not matched with Today I called them and they just refund my money.

I really don’t know what to do now. I need a low cost but working USB caller ID for SAMBAPOS 5.

Can anyone help me please?

This is not really a concern - that post you refer to was from a few years ago and all these cheap modems change hardware all the time. So it’s very likely the chip inside is different than the example given, it does not mean it would not work.

When you say they don’t find the modem, do you get a “cannot open port” error in Putty or you just don’t get any phone number or “RING” showing when the phone rings?

I have used the one you mention before, I can confirm it does work with Windows 10 64 bit. The driver you need to use is on the CD in the “CX-FU02+” folder.

However, this modem does not work with BT or any other provider that uses BT’s network. It will only work with Virgin Media or other non-BT network in the UK. I have had many headaches finding this out!

For one that works with BT, buy this one:

This is the cheapest modem I can find in the UK that works with BT. I can confirm it works fine on Windows 10 64 bit and SambaPOS v5. We have set this one up for many customers.

Dont waste your time with these cheap modems. I’ve been there before, what you need is this:

Check it out. Works Great.

Totally wrong advice - the modem I suggested for £29.99 works perfectly fine. There is no need to purchase these overpriced caller ID hardware like comet. I know many people on this forum use cheap USB modems without issue. I have installed many myself as well.

These caller ID devices like the comet are mainly for software that requires access to the caller ID data via an API or SDK. There is no need for that with SambaPOS.

Thanks Isaac & markjw,
I have received that device today from and it’s working fine.

Sorry markjw, I couldn’t wait. I have just read Step by Step Guidance on setting up Caller ID Feature and order 2nd posted device.

But thanks all of you for your support.

Hi , Could you please confirm if this device is still working with windows 10 because there was a review that it stopped working after the windows update back in June 2017?

Yes Zoom 3095 and 3095A (newer mdoel) both work perfectly fine with Windows 10 (both 32bit & 64bit) and always have.

Amazon reviews about things not working are generally by inexperienced users who have no clue how to install or update a driver (or probably to use their computer in general TBH lol :wink: ).

It is important to note that on 3095 (not easy to get these days), you must update the driver with the installer on the included CD. For the newer 3095A, the installer does not update the driver properly in Windows 10, but you can update the driver via device manager and just point the location to the folder containing the drivers.

From experience, even the modem is recognised in Windows without the driver, Caller ID (in the UK at least) only works when you update it with the included Zoom drivers.

Thanks for getting back to me. I have ordered one and will test. I did try another modem but unfortunately, it did not support caller id.

For the UK, with BT and any BT wholesale landlines (pretty much everything except Virgin Media) use a different Caller ID standard, and that is only supported on a limited number of modems sold in the UK.

The Zoom one and US Robotics ones are the only ones I have first hand experience with knowing they work. Cheaper ones I have tried do not work, but there’s no harm trying others to see the results (Amazon has a StarTech one which looks identical to the Zoom 3095A - fact is, Zoom likely did not make that modem they are just rebranding - but no way of knowing unless you try). If you do find another (cheaper) model that works on BT landlines, please share so others can know as well.

For Virgin Media (and possibly some other cable companies) - all modems that support Caller ID will work, as they use a Caller ID standard similar as the US.