Need advice for a kitchen printer

Hello guys&gals and I wish a happy eid for everybody who celebrate it.
I have been using an 80 thermal receipt printer since the beginning (it is a WIFI printer) and I am very happy with its performance ( I am aware of that WIFI is not best way to connect such an important printer but so far I have been lucky ) But I want to use 2 ply papers for a better workflow and as far as I can understand, thermal printers cant produce 2 ply tickets. Therefore, I have been looking another type of printer. I have run a long (40 metres) ethernet cable already to be able to use an ethernet printer and tried an Epson TM-U220b (second hand) but did not like the printer very much ( working OKish but very well used)
Will you please advise me a kitchen printer that can print on 76 mm 2 ply rolls?
Thanks in advance

The best impact printer is the Epson u220b

So, I just need to get a brand new one I guess.

Just printing 2 copies not an option?
Even as 2 jobs with copy 1 copy 2 in template.

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I tried and chefs are not too happy with it. But I did not understand what you mean by 2jobs with copy1 copy 2 template. I tried exact copy of the ticket. Perhaps if I can manage to print slightly different copy, chefs might be happier.

Why not use Kitchen Display if they arent happy with printing dockets?

I dont know , I have never looked in to it.Perhaps I should.

Why two copies? Is there different cooking zones? We’ve had an impact and hate it. Cooks get one copy and they’re happy with that. I have an expo printer setup on the other side.

Well duplicate is only different to 2 copies with I slip being different colour usually.

What I mean is kitchen print in default setup is just a print job and automation just like print bill or anything else. You can make custom templates and jobs etc.
So you could make existing printer print 1 copy as is then print another which says COPY at top or something.
Or print 2 with the section names at top.

The chefs probably don’t like it cause they worry about doubling up on an order by accident

If you duplicate your template and add a COPY line then add that to you print job as another line it might even be that simple. Of not duplicate print job, action and add it after the execute kitchen print in before closing rule.

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