Need help in custom report

That changes a lot. That feature right there really expands what you can do with Report Tags previously I thought were only available with SQL.

{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:EN.Officer,O.Quantity.Sum::{0}:,}

So we have 5 sections here

  1. Tag Name.
  2. Fields.
  3. Expression (left empty)
  4. Line format (as we have only {0} first field displayed. We use that feature on data export templates.)
  5. Line delimiter. (,) means all lines delimited with , char.

As it is also a reporting tag it displays only values exists in reporting rage. Good for this sample but might be a disadvantage for some cases.


@a.samy I think you also have a specific ticket type so you may want to include it as well. So assuming your ticket type is named as Officer Ticket, you can change expressions like…

(TEN.Officer=$1) and (TY=Officer Ticket)

WOW , u guy’s rock
i want to say thank u very much for all this work , it work perfect

but the sales by product still don’t work and the item sales by product tag

That will be available with next update. 5.1.51 there was something he added specifically for it to work.

LOL look what I said on the top of my post.

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I think you missed an arrow.


Too bad I don’t have @QMcKay’s big red arrow.


btw. you can use Custom Product Tags instead. Assuming you’ll configure a custom tag named Type you can change report like that.

[Sales by Product Tags:1, 1]
>Total|{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.ExactTotal.Sum}

Anytime …


wow look how you’ve placed them without covering text :wink: Really precise work.


Report with Product tag,
How to make like this
Sales item Report
Group : Food (this is product tag)
Group Code : Breakfast
Item 1 10 (sum qty) 1000(Total)
item 2
item 3
Total … 1000

Group Code : Soup
Item s1 10 (sum qty) 1000(Total)
item s2
item s3
Total … 1000

Group : Drink
Group Code : Juice
Item j1 10 (sum qty) 1000(Total)
item j2
item j3
Total … 1000

What is sum qty? Is this a report or a ticket?

yes, it report end of period, sum qty is total sales item at the day

What is total then? Isn’t that the same thing?

Total is Total Amount in price

can i get officer total out of total sales ???

Is it something like that?

[Sale Groups:2, 1, 1]
@{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:MT.Group,O.Quantity.Sum::{0}:,}
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:M.GroupCode,O.Quantity.Sum,O.ExactTotal.Sum:(MT.Group=$1)}
>Total:||{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.ExactTotal.Sum:(MT.Group=$1)}

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Include Ticket Type filter into report expressions as I’ve explained here.

Also don’t miss that comment.

No, Like this
Group : Food

Category : Breakfast
item Qty Amount
Toasted Bagel Jam 3 6.00
Toasted Bagel Cheese 10 20.00

Breakfast 13 26.00

Category : Soup
Soup and Cracker 5 15,00
Soup 5 15,00

Group Food 41,00

Group Drink
Category : Beverages
Tea 3 6.00
Iced tea 2 4.00
Beverages 10.00

Category : Juice
Orange Juice 3 9.00
Apple Juice 2 8.00
Beverages 17.00

Group Drink 27.00

Total 68.00