Need help in inventory


With the help of senior members now i am able to use SambaPOS v5 for sale point now i become to warehouse and inventory system.
Before i start warehouse i am thankful to all helping members.

I purchase products/inventory from a supplier and all Products are added in my LocalWarehous.

For example i purchase 1 Liter Milk its mean i purchase 1000 ML Milk in base unit
in recipe 200 ML of milk is used for Tea

now i am selling “Tea” in which

4 cup of Tea sold out its mean 200 ml milk is remaining in stock. If the remaining milk 200 ml is expired then how can i adjust in stock.

and kindly tell me why InStock column is empty.



When you close the work period you can then edit inventory and update the actual figures. So if you have 200ml of milk left and it has expired just close work period, go to inventory and just amend that figure to zero

You can only adjust inventory figures when work period is closed


Go to:

Manage > Inventory > End of Day


i think here it should be a option to describe the reason of adjusting of inventory. and after adjusting it should be a auto print of “End of the Day Record” with all changes descriptions.

Auto print should be on inventory purchase.


I really cant see how that would be very helpful in a restaurant. Do you really know why? Like do you really know what happened? Most of the time its just the typical variance of food business.

Autoprint? You mean when you press save? What if you do multiple changes? You want a print every time?

BTW I am not saying your idea is bad… i am just sharing my opinion I personally would never have any use for those features. But others might who knows. I certainly would not want it to autoprint. If we implement that maybe it would be through automation.


Sir in my restaurant our system is Storekeeper purchase inventory from different suppliers and he put all inventory in Samba at the time of work period start. that time we need a print to make a paper document in which we need details to print inventory,time,date a purchase no like ticket number that can be find by this number
when we end period then we also take a print that will show us what is our purchase and what is our remaining of the day. just simple. this is require for the Paper Work documents


Sorry you were not very clear I thought you said you wanted it to auto print after making inventory adjustments from end of day.

So you can automate the printout on WP close that is easy. The WP open one might need additional steps. We can trigger it to auto print on some event… is there anything else you routinely do in the morning after opening wp? Something we could automate the printout after.

PS. just to be sure… you are not using End of Day to record your inventory purchases are you? If you are then you should stop and use actual inventory purchases.


1.Sir i want to add reason of inventory adjustment in End Of the Day record and then i need print

  1. Can transfer inventory to other warehouse if we can then we need print at the time of transferred inventory


Are you using End of day records to record inventory purchases? If so that is wrong and you will mess up any cost reports etc. You should be making inventory purchases either by using Purchase button from warehouse screen or using the Settings > Inventory > Transactions portion to create purchase transactions. You can then print reports of those purchases and even automate that.

You can add reasons for purchases from the warehouse purchase screen. You can even use Entities as suppliers to record who it was purchased from and track balances etc.


kendash for purchase i use Purchase button in warehouse but to adjustment of my expire or waste items i have to use End of Day record there i need to put reason of adjustment like if Milk is expired then in adjustment of End of the Day i have to write 200 ml Milk is expire etc

If you can guide me the batter method so please.


Ok well sorry its very confusing what you really want. Perhaps its just communication issue.


BTW you can create inventory transactions for anything even negative adjustments. If your doing expired milk claims etc you might consider that. I will show you in a moment.


@kendash waiting for your reply… thanks


Sorry I got distracted. I am at training this week out of state so I won’t be able to access Sambapos until Saturday.


Thanks for reply @kendash . No problem i can wait for you.


I am still waiting for solution with your kind help. Thanks


it would be GREAT if you helps us with this inventory transactions for negative adjustments !! that will solve the reason for adjustment in the end of day record i believe…


Create an Inventory Transaction Type for Wastage and have it move the inventory to a Waste Warehouse that you make.