Need help in printing logo in v4 using epson TM-u220 dot martrix printer


I am new to samba pos, I cant seem to print my logo on top of my receipt. can anyone pls help me, it would be good if you can include screen shoots. thanks…

What have you tried so far? Theres is loads on the forum already about this have you searched and tried anything?

What printer type do you have set?
It should generally be Ticket Printer and the line should be;

< BMP >c:\logo.bmp
The image logo.bmp would have to be in the root of your C:\ drive.
If your still struggling upload a screenshot of your template and printer setting page

Hi RickH,

Thanks for the reply dude, I got to work using < BMP >c:\logo.bmp but it prints weird characters, on it not my logo, any suggestions?

That is probably your printer settings. What kind of printer and how do you have it setup in Sambapos?