Need Help Setting up Expenses using Vendor/Supplier Entities

I want to set up expense account using entity for Vendor/Supplier and product for each tax line (expense categories). Imagine, Supplier bill is ticket. Let say, Vendor 1 provide food and office supply. When I got the bill I enter x amount for food and click Cost of goods (Product) and y amount and click Office Supply (Product).
So, when the tax time come, I can just get item/product sales report as each of expense categories.

I think basically just create account inverse to Sales. But got confused with account type credit/debit part especially payment to vendor from Cash account.

Account Structures:
Expense Accounts <-/-> Sales Accounts
  - Expenses              - Sales
Payable Accounts <-/-> Receivable Accounts
  - Payables             - Receivables 
Vendor Accounts  <-/-> Customer Accounts
  - Vendor 1             - Customer 1
  - Vendor 2             - Customer 2
  - ...                  - ....
Payment Accounts ???

Transaction Type:
Expense Transaction
  - Source Account Type: Payable Accounts
  - Target Account Type: Expense Accounts
  - Default Source Account: Payables
  - Default Target Account: Expenses
Vendor Account Transaction
  - Source Account Type: Vendor Accounts
  - Target Account Type: Payables Accounts
  - Default Source Account: 
  - Default Target Account: Payables
Vendor Payment Transaction
  - Source Account Type: ???
  - Target Account Type: ???
  - Default Source Account: ???
  - Default Target Account: ???

Is it make sense? I’m not sure if I need to switch source - target as well as the rule should be Default/Credit/Debit.

This make more sense to me.

I think when I settle the expense ticket for the vendor account should not be the problem.
The only thing is ticket that payout by cash from Payment Cash account (existing one that we use for sales). How to make transaction (settle with cash) from Payables -> Vendor Account and from Cash -> Vendor at the same time.

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