Need Help Setting Up SambaPOS 4 for New Restaurant

Hi All,

I am setting up a small restaurant. I need help setting up SambaPOS 4.

I have Purchased New Acer One 10 Windows Tablet for POS.

Hardware: Acer One 10 (Windows 10 Tablet)
Printer: Two Bill Printers - One for Cashier , One for Kitchen
Mobile: 2 Android Mobiles for taking Orders ( If Possible )

  1. Can anyone tell me Clear Steps After Installing SambaPOS 4 and SQL Express Server 2014 ?

  2. ALso, I want to setup Delivery and Take Away ?

Thanks in Advance. ANy help is appreciated.

Both of your questions can be answered in the tutorials section of the forum. SambaPOS is a Windows application so android would not be an option unless you invest in a Windows server OS and RDP licensing for each device which can cost well past 2000 USD.

Many people use small 7" Windows tablets with Sambapos installed on them hooked to the database via wifi. These tablets often can be cheaper than android even.

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