Need help Setting up

HI we are new to the community. Would like some suggestions on structure and hardware that we need to implement what we need for our sit down table service restaurant.

First of all I’ll start off explaining our work structure. We are a sit down indian restaurant along with delivery and take away services. We accept online orders using gloria foods, menu log and eat now.

We want a system at our check out to be able to take orders for take away and deliveries that come over the counter and on the phone. We would like to have our waiters to use tablets to take orders. We do have android tablets available to use. One is a 10" one and another is 7" We would love to be able to view reports via a web portal and be able to update prices if possible from a head office. We do have 2 Atom based POS computers in stock and a few printers one of them being a bluetooth/wifi printer we wish to use for the kitchen if not we also have a touch screen display that we would like to use for a KDS if possible.

Any help in the matter would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.