Need Help to create transaction system

I want to create a cash transfer system from my Vault account to several different expenses accounts.
Vault > Grocery Purchase
Vault > Green Grocer Purchase
Vault > Bill Expense
Vault > General Expense
Vault > Salery Expense

So for this system I have created and Automation Button to transfer Cash to other accounts and for that I made a Account Transaction, Document, Action and rule.

I want a popup window open by pressing the button.

I have to get an account (Expenses) with a dropdown account list in this window.

Here I will select the desired account.

And then write the amount with the reason.

Unfortunately I failed in this system that I could not add the drop down account list.

So here I need help.

My configuration screenshot is given below.

03- Action

The Result is

Required option is.


great its working thanks but here is one more question and that is, can we set 2 dropdown list form example Transaction 1.Account From TO 2.Account In

In this way its very easy to transfer cash from one account to another.


here is one more question can we also select account from drop down list.
I mean to say ** 1.Account From** (All Payment Accounts Like Cash or Credit Card) to 2.Account In (Multi Accounts like Suppliers)

I don’t think that would be possible. Transaction Types and Document Type have to be defined in the accounts section.

Hmmm…However if had the naming in a certain way, it might work. Something like

  • Cash - Sample Account 1
  • Cash - Sample Account 2
  • Credit Card - Sample Account 1
  • Credit Card - Sample Account 2

In your action you would look something like this:
Your rule would have a field for payment type and sample account name. You then could define the options in your prompt.

However, accounts & transactions is not my strong area. I, also, don’t know exactly what you are trying to do though.

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