Need Help to Custom the report

@Caps Is it another calculation or a product?

If you wanting to do cash card split again you will struggle as sales and payments are not directly related, just balanced.
If you did total sales by ticket you could exclude or more accurately minus tips and delivery but not if breaking down by payments.

@JTRTech It’s a calculation of Delivery Services Fee. I have copied the configuration from Delivery Package from you guys.
And here is the some configured of Delivery Services Fee by Region

so Could you please show me the report template for this? Thank you

As o said a cash card split EXCLUDING this or tips is I believe near impossible unless you restrict tickets to only use one payment per ticket.

A total breakdown using sales values rather than payments would be posible but not for cash card split.

I might have missed something but if that’s the case you need to seek advise from someone else as I can only see how to achieve this accurately by using sales values rather than payments.

You could just use math and subtract the fee from each one using expressions.

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Care to demonstrate :slight_smile:
What are you going to report to acurately subtract cash tips or delivery payments for card?
If a ticket only ever had one payment method I can kinda see a solution but cannot see how you can reliably report calculations paid by a specific payment type?

The total line is ok but he wants a cash card split for each ticket type excluding tip calculation and delivery charge calculation… Sorry if I’ve missed something.

Well it looks like he is using percentages for his calculations. All you do is define what percentage was used then put some math to it.

Fair enough if the parameters of the calculations are fixed and constant but personally wouldn’t like to ‘back calculate’ given the option of toggling calculations be it used or not, you wouldn’t be reporting the tips just taking 18% off the payment total.
If that’s acceptable for his purpose they its no problem, what I was trying to make clear is it would be very difficult to directly report calculations by payment type.

So it’s doesn’t have any solution for template format right!:sob:

Is your tip/gratuity fixed or optional?

  1. Tips issue (Dine in, Pickup)==> Nope, The tip/gratuity is not fixed. it depend on customer payment. BTW For this issue if you guys don’t have any template format I will choose not record / report.

  2. Delivery Services fee ==> It’s fixed 3$ (Region 1) and 5$ (Region 2) as I have attached the picture to you previously. On this calculated of SAMBA POS system, I think that is not related to payment type (corrected me if I’m wrong)

Thank you.

No, you cannot directly report a calculation by payment type…
You could remove either from the bottom total line by using sales rather than payment report and minus back out the calculation by ticket type but cash and card lines would not be accurately report able.

Hi @JTRTech

Could you please show me the template format report? Thank you. :innocent:

Next week I will implement SAMBA POS system, Just the last final phase about the report anyone have any solution to do the report above please kindly share to me as well. Thank you so much. :joy:

hi @JTRTech , How to increase font of custom report? :relaxed:

Not sure we have control over font on reports…

Anyone can help on this issue?

okay … no one can help … :sob:

Your out of luck with version 4. Version 5 has document creation options and can support html formatting.

… How easy to upgrade version 4 to version 5? Is it complicated? and How about Costing? It need to buy Database Tools, Data backup and Custom Report license again or not?..

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