Welcome to SambaPOS 5


Hello. Today I’m releasing latest V5 version for forum members.

Visit [V5 Release Category][1] for latest updates.

For more than 4 years we worked hard to create a useful software for you and released SambaPOS for free to be able to share our idea with everyone. Today SambaPOS V4 working at +60K restaurants from more than 160 countries.

We successfully kept SambaPOS project alive for a long time and we reached to a new milestone. We’re releasing a Professional version for people who wants to help us in our journey to build best POS software. I believe V5 will solve a lot of resource related problems and we’ll be able to expand team to keep doing what you’re expecting from us to do.

I’d like to thank to @JohnS, @QMcKay, @Jesse, SambaPOS Team and V5 Beta Team. Nothing would be possible without them.

Let me give some information about V5 Licensing.

  • You can find more details for SambaPOS V5 license costs on sambapos.com. If you have 2 restaurants you’ll buy 2 licenses. You can connect unlimited terminals as they connects to a single database.
  • V5 contains all paid V4 modules.
  • This is a single payment. You’ll receive all future V5 updates for free. As we improve SambaPOS features we may increase prices for new people but people who already have V5 license will pay nothing additional.
  • We’ll lock your price. Even we increase prices for major version (V6) upgrade prices you’ll never pay more than what you’ve paid for V5 License.
  • We have 1 year grace period so if we release next major version in one year after you buy V5 license you’ll upgrade for free.
  • This license only covers SambaPOS usage. We may offer optional paid cloud services that works integrated with SambaPOS. These services may have different pricing or terms.
  • If you’re running a non-profit business you can request a free license by creating a public topic that introduces your venue with photos.

You can purchase V5 license from www.sambapos.com


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