Need help with caller id please

hi all, i just have this caller id but since 3 days i couldn’t setup and no clue from the forum to set up this caller id, please help. thanks a lot

Folow this its should work.

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i followed exactly the same but nothing working out, could you please suggest me about the caller id i got, is right one. thanks

When you buy modem you must make sure it support caller id… i didn’t see on the modem ditails that you buy that it supporting .
This is the one you buy.

Here is the one i buy and on ditais you see caller id support.

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thanks for your reply, but its gonna support in UK as well, i already ordered from china, thanks

You not offering much to go on, I bought the first caller ID device I found and got it working easily.
Show you configeration, without that no one is going to be able to offer help.

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hello boss, i really disappointed, i got this caller id
and its also not woking, so far i bought 4 caller id, none of them working. please help me.

Maybe buy one that users in forum successfully use there are lots of examples. Try unplugging it wait 10 seconds and plug it back in. If that does not work call us back…

After four devices not working maybe look at other factors which are similar between the 4 attempts… ie the person setting them up.
As I said you haven’t explained much or ahowed your settings… It’s not just plug and play ready to go…

Which country are you in?
What is your phone provider?
Have you enabled caller ID on your phone line? (Ie does it show number on your landline phone?)

EDIT: Ok I see from a previous post you are in the UK.

I guess from all the trouble you are having that your phone provider is BT or another company using BT’s network (most phone companies in the UK). Unfortunately, BT uses a non-standard caller ID technology and most modems on the market today do not support BT. Definitely the TRIXES one on Amazon does not work with BT - I have test it at multiple locations and can confirm this. It will very likely be the case for those off AliExpress as well.

On the other hand, if you use Virgin Media for your phone, they use the common standard and I can confirm the TRIXES modem does work with them.

I recently spent time trying out multiple modems in the UK and have found out the cheapest modem you can get that works with BT is this model from Zoom:

I haven’t found this cheaper elsewhere.

This US Robotics one also works fine with BT but is more expensive (but from testing, definitely better build quality):

Hope this helps you out. Buy the Zoom one from Amazon, if it doesn’t work, you can return it for free. (I did with all my “test” models… :stuck_out_tongue:)

i had this two ,1 , 2

and i am using virgin network, still no luck, if you provide the service just to setup the caller id functionality, how much you charge for me. thanks.

If you use #2 definitely should work on Virgin. I have tested myself. I will send you PM about paid support.

!!! ROFLMAO !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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