Need help with Dine-in Vs. Delivery Vs. Takeaways

Hello Team

I have successfully installed and configured SambaPOS at my place. Great software. Thanks to all the contributors and the creator of this software.

I have successfully run it for a week now. However I have a few more questions on which I need some guidance / help to go forward:

  1. I want to see reports on How many Dine-In vs. Delivery Vs. Takeaways that happens per day. I did not find any way to tag them differently and see reports based on those tags.

  2. Accounts always shows Cumulative Value. Is there a way to have daily views and then cumulative view.

  3. I have a 3-inch TVS RP 3200 Star printer for invoice printing (I have just one terminal). I am unable to print out printed reports from the Accounts and Reports section.

  4. I have two floored restaurant, i.e. 4rth Level and the 5th Level which is a roof-top. I wanted to see if i Can have reports based on the group of tables, i.e., 4rth floor Vs. 5th floor.

Can someone guide me on these questions please.

Warm regards

Hello @Gaurav_Saha,

  1. How are you differentiating between each type? Are you using different departments or Ticket Tags?

  2. If you click on the account and choose Account Details then upper left you can sort it to view however you want. If you want it to show by Work Period by default then go to

Manage > Accounts > Account Screens and set the Filter to Work Period

  1. Do you have ESC/POS Emulation mode turned on?

  2. With Custom reports you can do this. Are the floors separated by having their own Entity Types?

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