Need help with terminology for Refunding System

I am finishing up a refund system that I hope to post a tutorial in the coming weeks. What is does is marks the original ticket item as being returned/refunded and copies the item(s) to a new Refund Ticket. It does not change the original ticket other than marks the returned items as returned/refunded

Here is a sneak peek on how it will work:

I am not sure what the industry standard is for the terminology for the Original Ticket items…should it be Returned or Refunded? And what to mark the Refund Ticket item(s), Returned or Refunded? Here is a poll I will keep open until May 1st, 2023.

Original Ticket Terminology: Return/Refunded
  • Original Ticket: Return
  • Original Ticket: Refunded

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Refund Ticket Terminology Return/Refund
  • Refund Ticket: Return
  • Refund Ticket: Refunded

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If you have any input, please post a reply.

Thank you in advance!

  • Returned: Typically refers to items that are physically returned to a seller or provider due to being defective, damaged, or not meeting the agreed-upon specifications or expectations. In this context, “Returned” usually implies that the item is being sent back for inspection or replacement.

  • Refunded: Typically refers to items for which a refund has been processed, either due to a customer request for a return or due to a cancellation of a service or order. In this context, “Refunded” usually implies that the refund has been issued, and the financial transaction has been reversed.

As for marking Refund Ticket items, it would depend on the specific workflow or system being used. In some cases, you may mark the Refund Ticket item(s) as “Refunded” to indicate that the refund process has been completed. In other cases, you may mark them as “Returned” if the refund is being processed in conjunction with a physical return of items.

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There is also a very common term Void Payment. In the restaurant industry typically payments are voided but nothing is returned as the food is usually consumed or it was just a payment mistake so payment is voided and a new one may be made or ticket items voided

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Thanks for the great insight!

My main objective was how to differentiate the 2 items on reports. You have introduced something a little more complex then I was thinking…But nothing that could not be solved with a little logic.