Need logout button!

How do I do that? I don’t recall seeing that anywhere in settings and configurations.

The real problem is you never show how you did it (how would anyone know what went wrong). That is the first thing if you really need to do to get help.

You are lucky already that someone response to your topic. :wink:

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There is not an actual activity timer. There is no built in device to track activity. We simulate it using events and an automation command delay.

If you want it to not trigger when exiting tables then what if someone exits a table then leaves… next person comes and selects a table…

Or do you mean you dont want it to imediately logout? If thats the case then we can simply use an automation command delay like I mentioned so if person exits table it triggers after x amount of time to logout. If they select a new table it resets the timer back to 0.

Well @sukasem it sounds like he may have tried using my custom Time Clock setup. That was geared specifically for my flow and was not meant for tables.

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The automation delay sounds like what I would be looking for. So how do I set up a logout delay after x amount of time after an automation is pressed and a new selection is not made.

Read the linked topic. The information is there. Specifically …

@QMcKay shouldn’t you have to spoon feed? Just kidding:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I’m learning. Im still being spoon fed now but with samba being my new favorite thing in life pretty soon ill be spoon feeding other people. I’m trying to get other local restaurants switched to samba as well it really is an amazing system. I programmed the entire system with your help and it’s beautiful. I just come here when I have ideas on how to improve the sysyem and need help a little help with it. The gratuity button you guys helped me with is working like a charm!


It really gets addicting :stuck_out_tongue: We need more people like you it helps SambaPOS grow into bigger and better.


The posted tutorial works! This is awesome! It will prevent a lot of b-ing from me. Lol. Now there’s a slight problem. I changed the rules for print bill automation it no longer returns you to the home screen. This makes splitting a bit easier/faster so they can click split and print without leaving the ticket every time they click print bill. Basically I just removed to close table action from the print bill rule. And since close table is what I just used to make this auto log out work I need to figure out a way to get this auto log out to work when they click print bill. When the ticket is still open and they haven’t returned to home screen. It may sound stupid but if they don’t somehow return to home screen, then it won’t auto log out. And like I said in the op, they won’t log out so I’m wanting samba to do it for them. So until we figure out a way to map this to the print bill automations, problem isn’t 100% solved yet. But we are one step closer yay.

Hey, Ive seen you already fixed your problem, but for me I just had an autologout feature, and stick in a $40 wirless barcode scanner and give each user a plastic card with the barcode pin printed on it. therfore they just have to scan there card they carry witht them to log in, works perfectly and is really quick

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We are working on getting some type of MSR or RFID reader that will be compatible with samba. One that will support the 4 digit code and enter so they can scan or swipe their cards to login and we’ll also have a card for the manager to use or lend out for voids discounts etc.
But so that we don’t get off topic, that topic is located here.

Or you can send me a pm with more info. I’m interested in what type of reader you’re using and how it’s getting programmed. The cheaper cards and readers/writers I’ve found do not support the 4 digit pin and enter key, so I’m very interested in how you have your setup working we can talk more in pm or on the topic I’ve posted a link to.

I showed you my setup, cost me $50 and was easy. I wasnt worried much about security just as I trust the staff, and they need to use it correctly to give customers recipts.

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@the133448 thanks so much. You’re a big help.

So getting back to the original topic, can anyone help me link in the print bill automation to this AMAZING new auto log out feature we have setup. As I’ve said before the ALO we setup is linked in with “close ticket” action and by default print bill was as well but I removed that and don’t want to readd it. So how do I get this feature to work with print bill as well?

Use the same Actions that are in the Rule called

Rule - Application Screen Changed - AL Screen Change

But in your new Rule…

  • set the Event to Automation Command Executed
  • add a Custom Constraint of: Automation Command Name Equals Print Bill
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I didn’t see any rule called “Application Screen changed” I didn’t create it, or the tutorial I followed didn’t require it. However I made a clone of the ALO rule which had the ALO action tagged and as a constraint it was set to automation command ALO as posted in the tutorial. I tried adding bill print in as you suggested but if we’re still on the ticket screen it won’t auto log out. It logs out after 20 seconds of inactivity after transitioning from the ticket screen to the pos screen. But as long as it’s on the ticket screen it won’t log out. Remember I said I removed the “close ticket” action from the bill print rule, this is necessary. So the ALO only activates if we use an automation that returns them to the POS/main menu. So since print bill doesn’t change screens it won’t auto log out. How do we get this ALO to work if it’s still on a the ticket screen? I think all automations return to the POS/main menu except Print Bill so thats what we need to focus on. I could always return the close ticket action to the print bill rule but I don’t want to do this. I removed it to allow easier/faster splitting of tickets becsuse it kept returning them to the POS screen every time they would split and print. And having to do this more than twice can get old fast. So any ideas? I know there’s not a way to make it auto log out no matter what right? Say they logged in and didn’t do anything then walked away, it would be nice if I could set a 20 second timeout no matter what instead of it being triggered by certain automations.

You cannot logout if the Ticket is Open. You need to close the Ticket first.

So maybe if you don’t want to have Close Ticket Action in your Print Bill Rule, then put the Close Ticket Action inside your Logout Rule just before the Logout User Action.

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How about adding a delay to close ticket and then readding that to print bill? Say after 10 seconds of the ticket still being open after bill print is done if no other selection is made the ticket is closed then that should trigger the ALO after 20 more seconds. The ALO wont happen unless the close ticket action is performed but remember I don’t want it to return to the pos screen immediately after bill print so I removed that action from the bill print rule. So what about readding that but with some kind of delay?

just giving this a bump :slight_smile:

See, that is the beauty of SambaPOS. You can make it do just about anything you want. You have different alternatives, depending on your desired flow.

Without seeing exactly what you have currently implemented, it is difficult to suggest what you should do now.

My suggestion assumed that the Ticket was still in view after Print Bill. If you put a Close Ticket Action in your Logout Rule, you always ensure the Ticket is closed before Logout is performed. It won’t hurt to put it in there anyway, even if there is no Ticket open in the first place.

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