Need professional advice/ services

Hi Professional,

thank you for all the helps in the forums and the expert services for all developers and leaders in here. I’m looking for some assistance for Sambapos customization (will be pay for service). I have completed deployment for simple setup for a tea shop. I only know the basic setup for the Samba. for examples i can do adding menu item and Categories, printing invoice & ticket orders for kitchen, 2nd screen setup for customer display menus and itemized for each orders. local tax in USA. Label printer zebra. what i need some advanced features of customized for the SambaPOS.

what i need helps as following,

  1. how to Add Tips for Credit Card tips after settled match to daily reports.
  2. using Order number everyday starting from 1 to xxx until end of the day, next day starting 1 again.
  3. each wait-staff prints their own reports including tips of the day/ cash on hand and credit card amount need to return back to the restaurant (total cash – total tips = return cash back to restaurant).
  4. payout amount for daily used. (buy grocery for restaurant and payback employee who make the purchase)
  5. using barcode scanner for quick find order for customer pickup food.
  6. using coupons as serial number cross reference no duplication purpose.
  7. pop up screen for (Togo, Delivery Pickup or Dine In )
  8. each employee to check their own tables after pin login? open / closed order/tickets

thank you very much, please PM me or any suggestion.