Need settle screen to allow tender of 0.00 for refunds


I have the refund button setup and it works brilliantly except when the ticket total is a minus amount. If an item is refunded and another added to the ticket but the value of the ticket is a minus, OR if i simply just want to refund one or more items so the ticket value is a minus the only option for tender of a refund is ZERO since im not taking money off a customer im giving it back.

Could the cash, card, voucher payment buttons on the settle screen be activated when 0.00 is typed as the tendered value, this would allow me to settle the refund transaction. the whole process work perfectly if i type tender as 0.01, since ive type a value the payment buttons become active, I can press cash or card etc and change message appear saying correct change so i can complete the refund

is there a setting where these payment buttons will become active on typing 0.00 as tender to smooth out this refund issue?

See screenshots below

0.00 entered as tendered as im not taking money off the customer im giving it back, but payment buttons not active

Type in any tender type 0.01 or more and the buttons become active, refund transaction will settle and correct change is displayed

can payment buttons be activated for 0.00 tender value?

you do have allow zero priced orders enabled in your Ticket Type right?

yep i do

What is causing it to go into a negative? Are you cancelling payments before your hitting the refund item button? If your showing a negative amount and then your paying the difference back to the customer… look at your accounting screen it is probably wrecking your cash account because your putting the money right back in.

You will need to figure out a way to bring up a message to do that sort of thing. Because if you refund the item before you cancel payments then its not actually showing the money going back to the customer in your accounts screen.

its just one item on the ticket, so its a new ticket

-select item
-hit refund button
-hit settle
-enter payment screen
-need to tender 0.00, anything from tendering 0.01 or more works perfectly

I would check your cash accounts because if your getting -numbers and then resettling it… your accounts will not record the money going back to customer it will show as if you still made the sale.

i checked that and it does show as a minus in account, i ended work period and started a new work period and i processed a sale and it shows correctly in accounts, then i processed a refund and that shows correctly

so in accounts i had this example:
44.99 sale
44.99 refund

total was zero (sale minus refund)

so that worked ok

Yes but if you had tendered again at the 0 it would have added it back and then your account would show the 44.99 as a sale again.

What I am trying to say… your refund has already happend why are you trying to tender it again?

All you need is to open drawer.

im not opening an already closed ticket, im literally just starting a brand new ticket and adding an item and hitting refund button so it shows as a completely separate sale and as a minus

the whole thing works perfectly except for payment buttons not activating on zero tender

if refund was for -44.99 and i tender zero the amount to be paid out should show as change due -44.99

if i tender 0.01 then its says change due is 45.00 which is correct as that 0.01 ive tendered adds to the -44.99 to give back and account show as 44.99 given out

the refund hasnt happened, it doesnt happen until im in the payment screen so i can select what method to do the refund eg cash, card etc

But the refund has happened it is recording it in your cash account if the total read 0.

but open drawer doesnt settle and close the ticket, if i just opened the drawer the ticket hasnt been completed and the minus amount wont show in accounts

now your confusing me… you told me that it did show a 0 so it was settled…I am completely confused.

ill do some screen shots to explain what im doing, the total read isnt zero its the minus figure for the refund, i just need to say im not taking any money for tender so ticket will settle and close, records the minus refund amount in account and pay out

2 secs and ill do screen shots

I think I see what your saying. I will try and replicated it myself.

New ticket, add item to refund and press refund button

press settle button to go to payment screen

i want to tender 0.00 in the charge line as im not charging anything, i want to give 44.99 out button payment buttons dont activate

if i tender 0.01 (as if the customer has given me 1p so that i can give then £45.00 back so they get all notes and no loose change) it works and the buttons activate

press cash, card etc and change displays correctly, as ive taken 0.01 off the customer i now need to give them 45.00 back

and auto logout works

accounts update to show 44.99 has been given out

i just need payment buttons to activate when i type 0.00 and the rest should work as above

When the Payment Screen is displayed, have you tried clicking the ALL button to see if it will populate the Charged (Tendered) field with the Negative amount?

Or try simply Closing the Ticket when the Payment Screen appears?

yea all populates a negative amount and buttons activate this has actually worked hasnt it? ive opened a new work period so the only transaction is for -44.99, i hit ALL so it populated -44.99 and this is what my account screen shows

which is correct isnt it? i did the refund as cash and the balance of cash is -44.99 which is what ive done?

is there anyway to make this work with my fast cash button? currently fast cash button works as it should for tickets with a positive value, however if my ticket is a refund pressing fast cash doesnt do anything at all. would i need to configure something on my fast cash button to all the “all” amount like on the payment screen?

again just thinking it will cut out extra keystrokes and screens to make process even quicker?