Need some Information Regarding SymbaPOS4

i have some question,

  1. how can we delete/cancel some ticket that already validate.

  2. and if when we delete/cancel some ticket, is it possibel to check at the end of the day, how many tickets has been cancelled, cancelled by which user, date and time of cancel ticket?

  3. For example in my restaurant i have two sections Kitchen and Bar, i want if one customer order 2 chicken , one soup and 3 jus. Chicken and soup items are for Kitchen and Jus item is for Bar. So what i want kitchen items will send to kitchen printer and Bar items will go to Bar printer automatically . Is it possible?

  4. Can we integrate online ordering website to Symba POS?

  1. You can’t delete tickets on SambaPOS.
  2. Read Printing Tutorial in Detail
  3. Not yet but we are working on it at the moment.