Need suggestion on Selected Orders process in rules

In V5, when orders were selected, rule will process each order as loop. If I have Ask Parameter or Ask Question or anything that popup, it will popup multiple times.

For ex, Item Discount, if I select 3 items, it will popup 3 times for input.

How can I deal with this properly?

What I did now was using Update Program Setting to count loop. If loop = 0, then popup.

The same behavior is observed in v4 and v5.

Are you asking if there is a way to prevent multiple popups, and instead only prompt/popup a single time?

Yes, it would be great to popup only once right. I can’t check Execute Once in automation. It will cause other issues I post earlier.

Is it pop up multiple time in V4? I don’t remember this. I thought it just popup once.

Enable Execute Once setting for related Automation Command.

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I did that and it cause printer tag return empty
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So you have a design issue. You have multiple order lines selected and want to use {PRICE} tag. If you execute command once it won’t be able to determine which order you want to read price from.

Anyway to have constraint for multiple orders selected?