Need system to make members

Hello, I need to setup membership system. In which members take the food but when the ticket have to settled it should be required the member to put his PIN.
Is it possible? If it is then please give me guideline. thanks

I have changed to a question as beta category is for new version development.
Your system would want to be based around one of the many membership setups discussed on the forum.
You would just need to add a bit of custom automation to divert the flow, most likely on the settle button/automation command on the ticket screen.
Since members would be customer entities or similar specific for membership you would want to set a constraint on the settle button so if entity of the chosen type is selected it goes to a different rule/flow rather than the default settle screen.
This could then show a [?Prompt] message for pin which you could automate validation against a custom entity data field.
Alternativly you might look at using say FRID fobs for members like I do at the hotels I look after for loyalty discount. When they sign up they get an RFID which they swipe when they order. I then setup that the customer eneity screen only shows active customers and doesnt show the default search screen meaning the only way for a customer entity to be selected for general staff is by having the customer swipe their rfid fob.

Thanks to give me a way. But i need to know about automation command etc to do this. you are right Member must be a customer but we do not want to apply your alternative suggestion of RFID.

I want when that when we settled customer ticket it required customer PIN that the customer will add this.

So give me some easy tips to do this.

This is possible you use customer entities for the members, create a custom entity field call it Pin, input their pin there for each customer.

The last part of automation can be done a few ways. You can modify settle rule and remove the Display Payment Screen action, create an execute Automation Command Action

Insert that action into the Settle Rule:

For cmd Value enter the following code:

[?Enter Your Pin Number;;;OCN;]

Then save the rule and create an Automation Command Executed rule:

Insert your Display Payment Screen action;

Use the custom constraints shown in the screenshot.


good. if this way is perfect then how we attach PIN to customers account

PIN is an entity custom data field… Hence the constraint on that last rule;
Matches {ENTITY DATA:Customers:Pin}
You need to add a custom entity data field called PIN.

On a side thought you may want to add a constraint of;
{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Pin} Is Not Null to prevent no pin being accepted if a pin is not set on a customer entity.

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