Need the receipt to print when a delivery driver takes the order from the restaurant instead of printing when he brings it back

Need the receipt to print when a delivery driver takes the order from the restaurant instead of printing when he brings the cash back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This can be done in a number of ways.

But without knowing how your system is set up, it is difficult to provide suggestions or help.

And by that i mean, are you using custom states to track delivery status, or how is the deliverer processing the orders on the system.

Thanks for replying its just the normal installation, however server with sql and 1 terminal. I haven’t made much customization on the delivery side.

Picture for scenario:

scenario the customer calls in we create a new customer or select an existing one. Now the customer gives us the order and we capture it at this stage the kitchen printer receives the order.

The driver will decide that he will take the order for Ikraam (customer) lets say Juma(driver) so he taps on the order and then his name at this stage we need the receipt to print as we need to stick it on the packet or delivery bag.

Over and above that when the driver brings back the money and I hit cash we need to prevent this slip from printing as it will be a waste.


If you did the delivery installation the default way, then in your rules you should have a rule which updates ticket entity.

Open that rule and add Print job action(You may need to create this if you want a specific print template), similar to the screenshot below

Now, when a driver is selected, it should update the entity and execute a print job.


It works like a charm two thumbs up :slight_smile: It prints. Can you please advise how to stop the receipt from printing again when the driver hits cash (i.e the driver gives me the money then I mark it as paid).Should I be looking at all delivery rules or cash rules?

I don’t see a cash printing rule here:

im not in front of my pc right now, but what we use is a "ask question " action with buttons for yes and no.

However that might be a bit much to explain via typing.

What you can do is, in the ticket closing rule, under mapping, set the department and ticket type specifically for other department payment types except delivery.

Then clone that rule, change the mapping for delivery, and remove the execute bill print action.

That should do the trick

Thanks a million it worked in the Auto Print on cash rule that is why it came out still and you guided me to the right direction.