Need to create Deliverer/Driver Grouping on Delivery Screen

Hi guys I’m trying to group orders by Deliverers/Driver as Deliverers/Drivers are getting the orders mixed up as all the orders does not fall under their name.

Here is a sample:

<block 10 transparent left *>
<size 20>{ENTITY NAME:Deliverer}

<size 25>[=’{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Address}’.replace(’<!rn>’,’

<size 20>[=’{ENTITY NAME:Customer}’.replace(’<!rn>’,’

Can I express it in the following way

<size 20>{ENTITY NAME:Deliverer: JUMA}

<size 20>{ENTITY NAME:Deliverer: MD}

<size 20>{ENTITY NAME:Deliverer: RASHID}

<size 20>{ENTITY NAME:Deliverer: BUYA}

Sort by entity maybe?

But can sorting by entity be done on the custom screen?

:slight_smile: Maybe Is there like a list of expressions that I can use or look at? Is this piece of code the same that you would find in setting up the custom reports?

From what I see it looks like it can be done, however the only problem that I anticipate is regarding orders that came in first and last etc.

A issue that I experienced whilst setting up the Autorefresh interval to 1 and changing the sizes of the waiting orders fonts. As this is a live timer it caused the screen to bounce up and down and I set Autorefresh back to 0 and then it ran smoothly.

I cant recall the exact tutorial but I remember that you can add something like a notice in the display which shows how much time has passed on each ticket. Then if you sort by entity, you can see which one is an older one and which an newer one based on time passed.

I think it was a kitchen display tutorial.

Check it out and see if you can implement something like that on your delivery screen

Sounds like state minutes.

Is there a sort option kn that widget firstly?
If there is and you sort by entity, there will be an order to them, I would have expected tickit id.
If not, tag tickets with a ‘grouped sort’ number, something incorporating entity id and ticmet number.
But don’t think you would need to do that anyway.

Lol so playing around with this setting after a bit I found this in the dropdown:

Is this the Sort Entity that you were referring to?


Thanks a million is this the tutorial that you were referring to?

Yes i think that’s the one.

There was another tutorial as well but I can’t remember what its called.

You can still use that as a reference to help