Need to find out who logged in and when (Microsoft SQL Server 2012)

Hi guys, I need to find out which SambaPos V4 user logged in at what time and on what date. Does Microsoft SQL Server 2012 keep a record of this? And if so with management studio how do I find it?

You can try searching for “SQL Server Login History” on google.

A suggestion for future needs. You could create a log of users logging in with the User Login Rule event so going forward you wont have to use SQL reporting.

SambaPOS logs in to the DB with a single user, which is part of your connection string. This could be the ‘sa’ account or a Windows User Account. So that will not help you.

You will need to query the DB to see which SambaPOS Users have logged in to the system. Not sure if there is an actual log of that in the DB, but you could theoretically determine such information by looking through some of the other tables such as Tickets and Orders.