Need to Understand Mesages services

Hello Guys,

I have to develop one website for the same. customer can order using website same time samba popoup open same like.

how i can archive that function


I am not sure I understand what you mean. If you are asking about website integration it is currently not possible.

I want to understand messages system.
How’s work ?

are you trying to design a website that will incorporate the ordering system on the website? because that’s almost like another thing completely, good luck, it’ll be a nice thing to have for sure.

The Message Server has nothing to do with website integration. Can you explain more of what you really are trying to do? Message Server is just so it can communicate between terminals for things like updating an entity screen etc.

Hi there,

I want to understand, We are doing one website for the same like samba software & with same database.
that website use for the online order from customer. now our main issue is the how to print bill using that website ?

I am trying to find out ticket print function in samba but it’s too complex code.

once i find out that code then i will create one table in database like PendingTicketPrint
we will insert records in this table when order by online system. if any records in that table then we will call our print function then delete same records in table.

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Are you referring to sambapos 3 which is open source or are you asking about version 4 that is closed source?