Need Tutorials on Cost and Profit with report

Hi, I want to know how to configure SambaPOS v4 to get profit by entering cost. I want also to know that how to manage inventory for example i purchase 5 pack of Coca Cola cold drinks and after End Work Period i want to know how many packs are sale and how much i earn profit. Also need report.


On V5 you can create custom reports for calculating profits. You can find more details here.

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Salam emre.
For V4 is there solution for profit report without making inventory purchase?
Even we installed the “custom reports” from samba market?

These reports are only available in v5. V4 lacks the options to build this report.

You cannot generate a Profit/Loss Report without a Cost, which is determined by making an Inventory Purchase.


Thanks kendash. Sad to hear that :cry:

Why sad? Just upgrade to v5. You can backup your v4 database and try v5 for free unrestricted for 500 tickets see if you like it. V5 has soo much more capability its worth it. For the price you also get all previous paid modules included as well.

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Because currently I’m using v4. I have to study about v5 before upgrading it. I’m worried if i make a mistake and lost all data.

Btw, thanks a lot for your advice. Will try to study v5 in this few days

If you backup you won’t lose anything and if you make mistake you can roll back


I see, the backup module from samba market

You don’t have to use the module you can use mssms to do it as well

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Or just install backup in trial mode before upgrading…

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Thanks Kendash & JTRTech.

Just now i already tried v5 sambapos.
My question are :

  1. If i just set the cost of product in Inventory, without making the purchase can sambapos calculate
    the profit margin from the cost ?
  2. In the report i attached here, can i add total amount of ‘PM’?

No it can’t. What cost were you referring to? The fixed cost on items is not cost that’s an extra amount.

I’m referring to this cost. Default cost in Inventory Items.

2)My intention for report with total of profit margin so we can actually know our gross profit daily,
do we have to calculate it manually? can we set profit coffee + profit tea = total

No you still have to make purchases that just fills it on for you when you do the purchase. You have to calculate profit. Not everyone’s profit is same so it’s up to you how you calculate it with reports.

Got it. Thanks a lot

So if the cost is fixed and you won’t purchase why you track inventory? You may not need inventory at all.

For example:

Create a Cost Tag for your products and Enter Fixed Costs there.

… and create a report like that.

[REPORT:2,1, 1, 1, 1]
>>{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:='Total',O.Quantity.sum,O.ExactTotal.sum,([MT.Cost]*[O.Quantity]).sum,[($3-$4)/$3];%##.00;-%##.00}

MT.Cost is the fixed cost amount you’ve configured as Product Tag.


Some product i will need to use inventory such as pepsi, coke(by bottle).
Example product that wont use inventory is Fried Rice(i already calculate the cost).
So at the end of the day i want to know how much exactly my profit.

why mine wont show the cost?

Because that was a custom product tag which you did not make yet

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