.net 4.5 and Server 2003 R2

Hi when I started on my Sambapos V4 journey I had this installed on Server 2003 - which allowed me multiple terminal service connections and all worked fine. As I didn’t at the time have a licensed server 2003 I temporary moved to server 2008.

I have just bought a server 2003 licence as it was a fraction of the cost of a 2008 or 20012 licence with CALS. I have just tried installing 4.1.36 and I get a dependencies requires .net 4.5 :frowning: is there anyway that I can get around installing sambapos V4.1.36 without the need for .net 4.5 ?

I can install 4.1.20 and all is ok - with SQL Express 2008 and .net 4.0 - I realise that this is a long shot but I have bought this server as V4 worked on it a month or so ago and now it doesn’t

Any help as always would be great.

Windows Server 2003 is built on the same architecture as Win XP. Both do not support .net 4.5 and both are past end of life support.

SambaPOS V4 now requires .NET 4.5 as 4.0 is too depreciated to use. The decision was made a few months ago to abandon Win XP and .NET 4 support as it restricted programming and was holding SambaPOS back.

Server 2008 and Win 7 are the minimum standards.