Network Epson Printer Changing IP

Anyone ever faced an issue with Epson T88 range printers with network card changing IP.
Randomly today they seemed to have changed.
Should be and on but both seems to have changed to
Reset them and reconfigured but happened again, on both, very odd.
I origionally thought some muppet in kitchen had factory reset using pin button on back but factory reset gives ip of…
Very confused as to whats happening.

DHCP didn’t get turned on did it ?

No, don’t think so but I saw it happen in front of me, I set manual ip and 5 mins later it had reverted again.
Even if printer was dhcp that address shouldn’t be allocated. Have dhcp on the network within the subnet of manual ips set, the IP and subnet it switched to isn’t on network anywhere. Only similarly is the IP pattern itself. 0.1 is the router…
There is an option on the TCP tab for set via ping, which have never heard about.
I’m starting to think someone factory reset them, which sets that option to on and it is somehow responsible, as now I have disabled that option they seemed to have been ok for last couple of hours.

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You can try static ip assigment in the router.
It will have the same address even if it is reset to factory settings.

I did think about that but was static, didn’t come from dhcp.

Hımm interesting …
Check if the manufacturer’s site has new firmware.