Network Printer PRP-300 not printing

Dear Tech Team,

1st of all Happy New year. I am very new with Sambapos and like that software so much just having some issue with my printer setup. I have printer in my Juice bar which is a network printer SenSonic T300 and my driver is using PRP-300. The issue i am facing is SambaPOS dose not print any ticket to the juice bar but the printer was been setup correctly and even i can make test print on the printer without having any issue. i have attached images to check where i am doing wrong? Thanks for your support.

You correctly configured the print job but probably you didn’t configured when this print job will trigger. Do you want it to print when you close ticket or receive payment? You probably want it to print when you receive new orders. In SambaPOS we configure it through automation. So you’ll need to create a “Execute Print Job” action and create a new “Before ticket closing” rule to execute this action.

But you already have a print job that prints new orders. You only want to map specific products to print from a specific printer. Instead of creating a new print job for Juice Bar printer you can modify Kitchen Print job to send “Fresh Juice” items to Juice bar printer. So instead of adding “Print Orders to Juice Bar” print job edit “Print orders to Kitchen” job, add a new print mapping row and map Fresh Juice to Juice Bar printer.

You can find a sample here. See Configuring Bar Items section.

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Many many thanks for your prompt reply i have managed to solve the issue. :grinning: