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Hello gentlemen, I request your help, in my bar I have used a computer and a thermal printer for receipts and orders, today I decided to place a printer in the kitchen through a LAN connection, I need your help to be successful, thank you very much and greetings to everybody.what I need is just to add the network printer to Samba

Hello @DavidGM,

You can benefit from below document for what you asked;

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I can already carry out this procedure with the printer that is in the box, what I need is to add another printer in the kitchen through a LAN connection.

  • Install your printer in the location desired.
  • Configure with either a static IP address or a static DHCP lease.
  • Configure an IP printer on the necessary terminals. Be sure the name this printer the same on all terminals for ease of use.
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If you know how to configure ip of of printer into lan network adapter then its fine or else get the help from some and it can be done through remote also. No worries i will help you matter of 5 minutes thats all just give anydesk access

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Thank you very much for the answers, but a friend came to support me to install the printer, I was already successful and able to print on the network :muscle:

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