Networking... throwing exceptions with every action

I am working in a networkin environment, this means, one computer with SQL server and message server running under win 8.1, and one salve computer with win 7.

I have a TP-LINK WR842ND and both computers have a good signal connection, both computers do navigate in the internet without problems!!!

One day SAMBA works GREAT, one day SAMBA works horrible, so much that ith throws an exception on allmost evry action, like printing a ticket, adding a pizza in a table or adding a can o coke.

I have tried almost everything, like, cahnging pc position, changing modem position but it´s allways the same. I have been working two weeks in this scenario, and in two weeks I had three days that its allmost impossible to work, so much that i am thinking in going back to the standalone version.

Had anyone had any experience in this matter? can anyone point me in any direction, since the networked version solves a lot of stock and sales problems!!!


you have disable firewall?

My first guess is the wifi is not stable. I have sites running all terminals on wifi and don’t have any issues.
You also have to remember that the internet uses a lot less data than SambaPOS does.
Can you describe the physical layout with where everything is, even a mud map would help.

@superlik, it’s not a firewall issue as it’s intermittent. And @gerlandog has already been down that path with initial setup.

Yes, I have my firewall disabled.

my headache is that some days it works flawlessly, and some days like today its hell…

thats what is driving me crazy

physicall layout is complicated, since we are in two separeate buildings. we are sepparated like 25 meters in strait line. we have only one wall but the modem is attached to a wood window, the remote linked pc is inside a saloon, but signal is allways over three lines in the signal strenght icon on the task bar.



Is it worse on busy days?


I am not 100% sure, but seems so…

People affect wifi performance and your using domestic wifi equipment which doesn’t like interference.

Is it possible to run a network cable?
Otherwise I have a solution. Can’t go into details as I’m driving at the moment.

jajajajajjajaj,ok, silly question, how do you tyope while driving???

Thnaks, hope to hear soon your solution… and its not possible to run a network cable, a public plaza is in the way, and cant put cables there.


hi, i m also had these problem some time ago but i have 4 pc atached to server via internet and it was my horrible headache, everything because of ping - your pc sending request and dont have an answer for some time and it throws you from the program( so try create dmz in your router and assing to it maximum speed of acces and for others limit it, the best way is to connect directly to the router via cable, also try to shut off all firewall rules in your router-it helped me)

HI @mishatrach, I dont knoe the first thing about setting up a DMZ… my firewall is DEACTIVATED, so no rules bothering here… and the cable solution, sounds the best but its not possible here…


firewall in your router - there may be some blocking traffic features that recognize samba program as ddos atack and block it requests!

@mishatrach, @gerlandog is not using the internet for his connection, he is using Wifi.

yes i am not using internet, just our WIFI for a networked solution…



@JohnS, still driving? I would like to read about the solution… thanks!!!

So I can understand your layout better, you have 2 shops either side of a Plaza.
What is the distance between your 2 computers ?
What is physically between the 2 shops ?
Is it an outdoor Plaza or is it indoors ?
Are your shops single level or 2 storey ?

Yes both are on sides of the plaza, the distance is 30 meters, nothing is physically between just one wall, both computers are inside the buildings, but we have our front wall WIDE OPEN, the plaza is OUTDOORS, both shops ar single level.


When you say there is one wall between, what is the wall, brick, glass?

brick, but I managed to put the modem next to a wood window, so the signal has nice strenght…
the pc that throws exceptions, has 4 bars in the task bar icon…
and today, (knocking on wood) no problems whatsoever…


@gerlandog, firstly lets look at why your having issues. But remember that Wifi is not an exact science, and normally I would perform a Wifi Audit before making a decision - but that’s a little hard in this case.

TP-Link, D-Link, Netcomm, Linksys, and even Netgear are all domestic Wifi equipment. Designed for the home or office. While these devices do perform well, they have some big limitations due to their environment.

All these devices (to be compatible) run on 2.4Ghz wifi band, and are relatively low powered. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets all run on 2.4Ghz wifi (yes some do run on 5Ghz), bluetooth runs on 2.4Ghz and so does most cordless phones. When you have an area like yours (Plaza) where there are hundreds of people, you start to see that there is a lot of interference happening directly between your Wifi link, and not just a brick wall!. Even people cause issues with Wifi as we absorb/block the signal.

So how do we get around this. Well there is two ways.

1… Use a higher powered commercial grade Wifi Access Point. For this I recommend using an Ubiquiti UnFi LR Access Point. It still runs on 2.4Ghz, but has a range of 185m, whereas most Wifi Access Points are less than 100m (and actually closer to 50m with no interference). What makes this better than others - it’s designed to adapt to its environment and actually uses obstacles to make the signal reach connected devices.
Cost is AU$125

2… Use a Wifi bridge. This is a more powerful solution. For this I would use 2x Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M5 Access Points. These use 5Ghz wifi band which has very little interference as not much technology uses this band. You point the two access points at each from across the Plaza, as high as you can mount them, and run a network cable from them to your computers, or network switches. These are PoE powered (Power over Ethernet), so you only need to get a network cable to them and power them from the other end at the computers. Two of these can create a 5km 150Mbps link - that equates to 100Mbps ethernet cable connection 5km long :smile:. At 30m through a brick wall you will need to turn down their power a fair way.
Cost is AU$210

Ubiquiti equipment is built on Carrier Class technology - the same technology used for the mobile phone networks.
Also, you can actually use 2 UniFi Access Points and create a Wifi bridge, but you need to lock them down to a channel in order to achieve this, and that may be hard as there might be many wifi access points in your area and finding a free channel may be hard. I would suggest leaving the channel on auto and let the Access Points find a free channel themselves.

Ubiquiti UniFi LR
Ubiquiti NanoStation M Series

I know this was a little long, but to understand the solution, you need to understand why this is happening and then how the options help overcome these problems.

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@JohnS this is great explanation. I’ve learned new things thank you.

about %50 of submitted error messages are about connection lost, timeouts,etc…

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